Collection: Kids Personalised Night Lights

Bring a touch of magic to bedtime with our delightful range of personalised kids night lights!

Each night light transforms a child's room into a wonderland, casting a gentle, soothing glow that helps little ones drift off to sleep with a smile. Personalised with your child's name, favourite characters, or a special message, these night lights are more than just a source of comfort—they’re a nightly adventure.

Warm Glow for Sweet Dreams

Our personalised night lights provide a soft, warm illumination that’s perfect for bedtime. No more harsh lights that can disturb sleep—just a calming ambiance that makes kids feel safe and secure.

Custom Designs for Every Child

Choose from a variety of enchanting designs, from whimsical animals to dreamy landscapes, each personalised to make your child’s night light truly unique. These customized lamps for kids are perfect for creating a special bedtime experience.

Durable and Safe Materials

Crafted from high-quality, child-safe materials, our night lights are built to last. They’re designed with kids in mind, ensuring they’re both sturdy and safe to use. Perfect for nursery night lights, our designs suit every age and stage.

Enhance Nighttime Routine

Encourage Bedtime Stories

The gentle light is perfect for bedtime stories, creating an inviting space where imagination can run wild. Make storytime special with a light that adds to the enchantment of every tale.

Ease Nighttime Anxiety

A familiar, personalised light can help alleviate fears of the dark. Knowing their name or favourite image is shining brightly can give kids the comfort they need to sleep peacefully through the night

Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Celebrate Milestones

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because, our personalised kids night lights make a thoughtful and cherished gift. They’re perfect for celebrating the special moments in a child’s life and are among the best personalised night lights in Australia.

Create Lasting Memories

Personalised gifts show thoughtfulness and care. These night lights become cherished keepsakes that kids will treasure as they grow, reminding them of the love and care that went into their creation. Ideal for personalised gifts for children, these lights add a special touch to any occasion.

Easy to Use and Enjoy

Simple Setup

Our night lights are easy to set up and use. With user-friendly controls and straightforward instructions, parents and kids alike can enjoy the magic of their new night light in no time.


Designed with energy-saving technology, our customised night lights provide long-lasting illumination without running up the electricity bill. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your night light is both beautiful and efficient.

Bring Joy and Comfort to Bedtime

Explore our enchanting collection of personalised night light Australia and find the perfect addition to your child’s bedtime routine.

Each customised night light offers a unique blend of comfort, creativity, and personalisation, making bedtime a magical experience every night.

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Ready to Light Up Your Little One’s Night?

Discover the perfect customised night light today, and add a touch of magic to bedtime! Shop now for childrens personalised night light Australia and watch your child’s eyes light up with joy and wonder.