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At PersonalisR, we understand that jewellery is more than just an accessory; it's a reflection of your individuality and the moments that matter most. Our Photo Projection Jewellery Collection enables you to showcase your favourite photos in a stunning and innovative way. Whether it's a snapshot of your loved ones, a scenic memory, or a beloved pet, our collection offers a unique and stylish means of personal expression.

Explore our range of photo necklaces, bracelets, and keychains to find the perfect piece that tells your unique story

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Photo Projection Necklaces

Projection Necklaces
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Photo Projection Bracelets

Photo Projection Bracelets
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Photo Projection Accessories

Photo Projection Accessories

Create Wearable Memories Today

In a market filled with generic gifts, PersonalisR offers something extraordinary. Our projection jewellery in Australia allows you to carry a piece of your heart wherever you go. Unlike traditional photo jewellery, our pieces conceal your cherished images within, revealed when light shines through the pendant, creating a beautiful projection on surfaces. You can also view it through your phone camera or simply hold the stone up to your eye for a glimpse of your photographed memory.

With PersonalisR, you’ll enjoy:

  • Unique Personalisation: Transform your jewellery into a meaningful keepsake.
  • Quality Assurance: Trust in our commitment to high-quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Memorable Gifting: Give a gift that tells a story and stands out.
  • Australian Owned: Shopping with us equals supporting local craftsmanship and quality.

Whether you lean towards a necklace's elegance or a bracelet's charm, our photo jewellerycollection has it all. Are you looking for something more unique? Check out our personalised cufflinks, offering another way to wear your memories proudly.

Why Choose PersonalisR for Photo Jewellery in Australia?

Our commitment to quality and personalisation sets us apart. We offer a unique selection of photo jewellery in Australia, designed not just to adorn but to narrate your personal story. Our photo projection jewellery pieces are mementos, intricately linking fashion with emotion.

Photo Jewellery: Personalisation at Its Best

At PersonalisR, we put the power of design in your hands. Each piece of projection jewellery in Australia is designed to carry your most treasured memories, from detailed necklaces to intricate photo bracelets. Our advanced photo projection technology embeds your favourite images into stunning jewellery pieces, offering a discreet yet profoundly personal touch.

Our online platform makes personalising your jewellery seamless. Select from our range of necklaces and bracelets, upload your cherished photo, and let us handle the rest. The result? A stunning piece of jewellery that’s as unique as you.

Quality Photo Jewellery That Speaks Volumes

Craftsmanship is the heart of our jewellery collection. We use quality, refined materials, ensuring your photo projection jewellery withstands the test of time. Whether you opt for a trendy beaded bracelet or a luxurious 925 sterling silver item, you're guaranteed a product that combines durability with elegance.

Why settle for ordinary when you can wear something that reflects your unique story? Our collection allows you to customise your jewellery with a photo that means the world to you. It’s a beautiful way to keep loved ones close, reliving those special moments with a glance.

Photo Projection Jewellery for the Perfect Gift Every Time

Are you struggling to find a personal, affordable and meaningful gift? Our projection jewellery makes for an unforgettable present, conveying deep emotion and thoughtfulness. Whether for a birthday, anniversary or to commemorate a loved one, our photo projection jewellery makes for a unique present you’ll cherish forever.

Ready to Wear Your Story with Photo Jewellery?

Visit PersonalisR’s photo jewellery collection and start creating a piece that speaks to you. Whether it’s for you or someone special, our jewellery promises to be a conversation starter, a memory keeper, and a representation of the moments that define you. Shop with us today for a token unlike any other.