About Photo Projection Jewellery

What is Projection Jewellery?
Photo Projection Jewellery are pieces of unique pieces of jewellery that feature an image or text hidden inside a small gem. This process uses photolithography to scale your photo down to tiny image and engrave it onto a 3mm glass chip.
The resulting image is inlaid on a molded lens and can be projected onto a surface when held up to a light source – much like an old-fashioned slide projector would cast images on a screen or wall. This lens is then expertly fitted by one of our experienced team, into your chosen setting of a necklace, bracelet or even key ring, allowing you to project your favorite memories wherever you go by simply shining a light through the back of the pendant and allowing the image to project onto any flat surface.
This is not the only way to view your photo inside a necklace, you can also view it by placing the gem up to your phone camera lens where it can be seen on your screen, it can also be viewed by simply closing one eye and looking into the photo bracelets photo projection gem.
The best results for your photo projection jewellery comes from clear and bright, high resolution images, as dimmer or small images won't show up well when projected. 
If you would like assistance in choosing the best photo to go into your Photo Projection pendant, send us a message at personalisrau@gmail.com and we are happy to help!