Terms and Conditions for Special Items and Discounted Products

1. Discount Eligibility and Application

0.1. Seel Insurance Policy’s are not Eligible to be included in store promotions

1.1. Discounts apply only to eligible products specified in the promotion.

1.2. Discounts may be subject to specific conditions, such as:

  • Validity period: The date range during which customers can use the coupons.
  • Redemption location: Whether the discount is applicable for in-store purchases, online orders, or both.
  • Product restrictions: Whether the discount is valid only for specific items or for all products in the store.

1.3. Discounts are applied to the item price only and do not cover additional fees, taxes, or shipping charges.

1.4. If multiple discounts are available (e.g., 50% off the second item), the following rules apply:

  • The discount is applied to the least expensive eligible item in the cart.
  • If two or more items have the same price, the discount applies to the first eligible item added to the cart.

2. Coupon Usage and Limitations

2.1. Coupons are non-transferable and cannot be combined with other offers unless explicitly stated.

2.2. Customers may use only one coupon per transaction unless otherwise specified.

2.3. Coupons cannot be redeemed for cash or exchanged for other products.

3. Expiration and Modification

3.1. Coupons have an expiration date. Customers must use them within the specified validity period.

3.2. PersonalisR reserves the right to modify or cancel any promotion without prior notice.

4. Acceptance of Terms

4.1. By using a coupon or participating in a discount promotion, customers agree to these terms and conditions.